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How To Stop Spam Texts? Try Out These 5 Tips!

Spam text is irritating when you are waiting for someone special to text you, and you find it spam. These unwanted messages can disrupt your day, and you might feel violated or angry. Sometimes these texts can also be embarrassing and result in theft, virus, or any other hassle. These messages can be annoying, intrusive, and even ruin your day.

But you don’t have to suffer anymore. There are some effective ways how to stop spam texts. Here are the five tips you can take to reduce the number of spam text messages on your phone. Before moving further, let’s discuss some things you should avoid so that you will keep your data away from any kind of threat.

Things That You Should Avoid When You Get Spam Text

· Do Not Reply to The Spam Text:

If you reply to the spam, it will only encourage the sender to send you more than before. So, do not reply to the text. To ensure you won’t reply, use your phone’s silent mode or switch off your phone instead of replying to the message.

· Do Not Click On Any Links In The Spam Text:

If the spam text contains any link, do not click on it. The link may contain some harmful virus that can harm your phone system. The spam text might also be a hoax that will only waste your time. So ignore the link and just delete the spam text.

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· Do Not Call Back The Number In The Spam Text:

When you receive a spam text message, never make a call to the number in the message. Spammers can easily use your personal information to create a mess in your life. It can also result in identity theft if you give out personal information during such calls.

· Do Not Install Any Apps That Come In Spam Texts:

Spam texts can contain a link to an app which, when clicked, will lead the user to download that app. The program will automatically get installed on your phone if you click on it. So, if you are receiving spam containing a link, close that message and do not click on any links.

· Do Not Share Any Personal Information To Spam Text:

If you get any kind of message, whether by phone or text, just ignore it. You don’t need to share personal information about yourself or your life. Ignore the message and do not respond to it unless you are sure that the person who sent you the message is good for you. Also, do not disclose any details about your phone number or other important data on your phone.

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Tips To Stop Spam Text!

If you want to know how to stop spam texts, then here are some of the tips that will help you as follows:

1. Change Your Number:

Change your number and give it to your family and friends only so you will keep away from other people. The best way is to use a new phone number when the old one is compromised. The most important thing you should do is not to take risks while changing your number. Some people will want to steal your information to use it to their advantage. So when you change your phone number, ensure you don’t expose personal information about yourself or other people. Also, make sure you will not be in danger when changing the phone number.

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2. Forward the text to 7726:

If you are receiving spam texts regularly, the best way to stop them is by reporting them to your mobile company. You can use your phone’s browser and search for any kind of contact information that you can use to report spam messages. If you receive spam SMS regularly, you can also forward the spam text number to 7726. You will receive a confirmation message if your message has been successfully sent or if there is some problem in sending it. And your report is delivered to the mobile company’s operator for further investigations.

3. Block The Number:

You can also stop spam text messages by blocking the number. For iOS devices, you have to go to Settings and choose “Blocked Contacts.” On Android, simply go to Settings > Security > Blacklist and choose one of these numbers that you want to block on your device.

4. Use Stop Spam App:

There are also many apps that you can use on your phone and tablet to stop SMS from any unwanted numbers. You can install one of these apps on your device and start using it to stop spam texts.

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