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Truth Social is a whole new platform designed by none other than Trump Media & Technology Group. Not much longer, but Truth Social was launched on 21st February 2022. This platform is very similar to Twitter and can be used by US and Canadian citizens.

Don’t you want to know more about truth social app? This social media platform has millions of active users. Truth Social was developed for IOS, web & Android (Pre-register). It gives a qualitative social networking service that allows people to share their points of view. It’s been only around 9 months since Truth Social was released, and today we will know everything about this social media platform.

Truth Social was founded by Donald Trump and Devin Nunes is the CEO of Truth Social. Truth Social allows people to make posts and use free and open sources for sharing their points of view on different matters. This is another hub for Canadian and U.S. citizens to post about anything.

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Truth Social

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Updated: Jul 29, 2022

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How does Truth Social come into existence?

Do you know the main reason for developing Truth Social? Well, it is none other than generating a strong forum from everyone. Truth Social is the replacement of Facebook and Twitter. The app was launched to satisfy the needs of the above-mentioned platform.

A few years back, Twitter blocked Donald Trump’s account. Maybe you are more or less aware of the incident; it is the main reason for the development of Truth Social. Well, the former president was more active on this platform, so he could not take the ban from the social media platform well. So Trump and his entire team created another replica that satisfied the needs.

Key features of Truth Social App

Isn’t it interesting that you create another virtual replica? This proves that if you want to do something, no one else can stop you. A similar incident happened with Donald Trump, who was banned from Twitter, and the next day, he created his version of Twitter. So aren’t you excited to know about the features:

  • Followers and following

Just like Twitter, on the Truth Social media platform, you can follow any personality you are fond of. The first and the major one to be followed on this platform is Donald Trump. You cannot get him on other social media platforms. So Truth Social will let you follow every individual. Others can also follow you to share each other’s truths.

  • Only truths

Unlike any other social media platform, on Truth Social, you only share truth posts because the feeds define users’ posts as truths. On this social media platform, you will have to go to the section known as truth and post something.

  • Search list

A search list can make your task easy and let you get connected to any user. You can go to the search bar and search their names. Millions use Truth Social, and it also has active users. It will not be tough for you to search for the perfect one among others.

  • Get notification

You can get all the important notification about who have liked the truth feeds, which has started following you or any messages from the section for notification. First, you need to turn on the notification for Truth Social to get news about everything happening in this app.

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Can Android users access Truth Social?

Many times the demand for the Android version of this app comes. This is to inform you that Truth Social is only available for iOS users. According to sources, Download Truth Social’s Android App is facing delays. However, you can now Pre-register the Android version in Google Play.

So now you know more about the truth social app? Aren’t you excited to check out this amazing app known as Truth Social? Well, this social media app is going to shock you in many ways because it’s unique in its way. Truth Social also got some exciting features to entertain the users. You can get connected to celebrities and friends in this virtual realm. So get ready because this social media platform experience is going to be different.