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How To Cancel Spotify Premium Plan (Easy Steps)

A music application gives a lot when you subscribe to their premium plans. However, sometimes you may get bored using the same application for a long time; you can also benefit from unsubscribing it. But when you want to cancel your Spotify premium, you will get an issue understanding how to do it.

Here in this information, we will help you with how to cancel Spotify premium easily with just a few simple steps. So let’s have a look at them now.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps today. This app provides you with access to millions of tracks and lets you play them through various devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and many more. The benefits it gives are not only limited to providing the users with easy access to the music library but also providing them with both paid and free plans. The users of Spotify can easily access the different paid and free plans over the internet.

All About Spotify Premium

For a more enhanced experience, users can also give Spotify’s premium plan. This plan will help you listen to the music without any breaks and allow you to listen to the music offline. By using Spotify premium, you are allowed to save your favourite playlists for listening to them later. You can make this playlist available for your offline listening with “Your Music”. The other section of your Spotify account goes into the “Your Library” tab under it. Now you need to just simply select your saved playlists and click on the “Make Available Offline” button. It is located at the top of this section.

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Steps To Subscribe to Spotify Premium On Your Android Or iOS Device

Step 1: Go to the App drawer of your iPhone or android.

Step 2: Go to your device’s settings and then select iTunes & App Store while on your device.

Step 3: Now scroll down the screen and find the Spotify app under the App Store section.

Step 4: You just need to click on “Free” in the Spotify Premium section and select “View All Premium Features at once” from the next pop-up.

Step 5: After clicking on “View All Premium Features at once”,. You can see a message that says you must confirm this action before buying premium features for a one-time fee of $9.99 or a monthly subscription service for $9.

Steps To Subscribe to Spotify Premium On Your Computer Or PC

Step 1: First, you must download and install the Spotify application on your computer.

Step 2: To do this, you need to go to the iTunes app store and then search for the Spotify application.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Download” option from there to install it.

Step 4: Once it is installed and you want to use the Premium features, you need to go to your Spotify account on the web or the Spotify desktop application.

Step 5: Select View Premium Features from there. You will see something like the below image where all premium features will be listed in case of a new customer subscription for the premium plan.

Step 6: Click on “View All Premium Features at once” and sign in to your Spotify account to confirm it.

Step 7: Go back to the “My Account” option, and you have already subscribed to the premium features of Spotify that you can enjoy with your free one-month trial subscription offer.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium Plan

Step 1: You need to go to your account setting in your application on your smartphone or PC.

Step 2: After doing this, you will reach a new page. You can cancel your Spotify premium plan without hesitation through this page.

Step 3: Just select the “Cancel My Membership” option from there, and then it will direct you to the next page, asking for a confirmation of your cancellation.

Step 4: On that confirmation page, there is an option of “Cancel My Membership”, which you just need to click to confirm your cancellation.

Step 5: After doing this, you will be able to access immediately all music that you have saved under your Spotify library.

Spotify is a great application for listening to music. Suppose you are a music lover and want access to your favourite music for free. The premium features of Spotify will also allow you to enhance your music experience. It also allows you to save your favourite playlists in case of offline listening. So, this was about how to cancel Spotify premium easily with just a few simple steps.

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